Rebecca Freedman

  • Princeton University
  • A.B, History
  • DePaul University. Chicago IL
  • Modern German Philosophy (Heidegger), Linguistics


Rebecca grew up in Paris, France, benefiting greatly from a bilingual upbringing and the strict French secondary school curriculum. While others have their sights set on the city of lights, she looked forward to the flexibility and intellectual openness of American academia. While a student at Princeton University, she was able to indulge in her academic curiosity to the fullest, culminating in a degree in the History of Science.

Rebecca has been a writer and teacher since moving to New York after graduation, and takes great joy in sharing her enthusiasm for the Humanities and Social Sciences with her students. She takes pride in tailoring her teaching style to fit the individual needs of her pupils, and in helping them realize their full intellectual potential through patient pedagogy, believing that learning is best achieved through support, collaboration, and constructive challenging.
When not found sorting through dusty archives, Rebecca is salsa dancing, reading French poetry, and inventing new vegetarian recipes.