James A. Dievler

  • New York University
  • Ph.D. in American Studies
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A. in Philosophy
  • Temple University
  • M.F.A. in Radio, Television, and Film

    James has lectured in the university/college classroom for over twenty-five years. He has taught American History and Literature, Writing, World History, Western Literature, and Contemporary Literature at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Long Island University, Rutgers University, and Monmouth University. Today, he teaches World History and Philosophy in a virtual classroom and is ghostwriting a book on the sports industry. His passions are his creative writing, including short stories, long fiction, and screenplays, and New York/New Jersey history and culture. He resides in Jersey City where he celebrates the local history through his many community involvements. He is a member of the Bergen Square Historical Society and is the lead organizer for Bergen Square Day, an annual Jersey City festival of cultural heritage. He loves to travel and experience different cultures.