Maggie Rymsza

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Major: History, Concentration in American Studies
  • University College of London, London, U.K


Maggie is a writer, researcher and educator based in Pennsylvania. She obtained her undergraduate degree in history, specializing in American studies. Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she has spent the past several years traveling in America and Europe, continuing her work in academia through pursuing historical research, working as a mentor, and writing about her adventures along the way. She has worked for the Kislak Center for Special Collections and the American Philosophical Society and published her first book, entitled Images of America: Muncy, chronicling the history of her hometown. Finding happiness in learning, Maggie strives to bring her passion for writing and history to students to help them discover new ways of seeing the world. In her free time, Maggie loves cooking any meal with pasta, reading biographies, and amassing new vinyls for her collection.