Scott Borgeson

  • Stanford University
  • PhD in Linguistics
  • MA in Linguistics
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • BA in Linguistics, Italian, Arabic

    Scott earned his PhD in linguistics from Stanford University, and now serves as a professor of linguistics at Michigan State University. There, he teaches phonology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as an undergraduate course on constructed languages like Elvish and Klingon. Honing his students’ writing skills is an essential part of his teaching mission. In his classes, students learn how to identify a viable research topic, formulate an analysis, build their arguments, organize them into clear and convincing prose, and submit for feedback and revision. Additionally, he has studied numerous languages, including Latin, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Finnish, Estonian, and Slovak, with most of his professional research focusing on the latter two. In his free time, he writes and reviews sci-fi / fantasy, leads a creative writing workshop of fellow Stanford alums, and invents languages for fun.