Sophia Moreira

  • Stanford University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Classics (Latin track)
  • Honors Degree, Mathematics

    Mrs. Sophia Moreira graduated from Stanford University with a double-major in math (Honors) and classics (Latin focus). Her research includes translating 12th century Latin scrolls from Admont Monastery and exploring computational complexity classes on closed timelike curves. In her youth, she won 1st Place on the International Medusa Mythology Exam and in the Illinois Latin Tournament before giving a speech in Latin to over 500 peers. During college, she was Co-Editor-in-Chief of Stanford’s classics journal and a contest writer for the Junior Classical League. Since graduating, Mrs. Moreira has brought her love of learning and interest in competitions to hundreds of students across a wide variety of subjects and ages, and specializes in helping kids exceed their learning goals while upholding a strong commitment to a positive and nurturing environment. Outside of teaching, she enjoys teaching dance fitness and going on walks with her husband.