Abigail Romero

  • Harvard University
  • B.A in Applied Math and Economics
  • Minor in humanities

    Abigail is a graduate from Harvard, where she earned her B.A. in Applied Mathematics and Economics, and a humanities minor. At Harvard, Abigail was a writer and news reporter for the Harvard Crimson. Abigail has also written and scripted for other publications and productions as an undergraduate. Abigail is an avid reader and lover of literature; during her first semester in college she read 14 books, and continues to read, on average, a book a week. She has taught at dozens of programs and schools across the Northeast, and has been a tutor/teacher for many years on subjects including English, the SAT writing section, essay writing and editing, and more. Abigail loves writing, cycling, ice skating, ballroom dancing, and talking about her dreams (both literally and figuratively).