Angelina Shoemaker

  • Harvard University
  • Degree in Chemical and Physical Biology

    Angie, a recent college graduate and proud New Yorker, possesses a love for her home as well as traveling the world (both physically and through the world of fiction).
    After successfully completing her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Physical Biology at Harvard University, her next big goal is to embark on a medical school journey, driven by her aspiration to contribute to the field of healthcare. Alongside her academic pursuits, Angie has developed a passion for mentoring the younger generation, nurturing this interest through teaching and tutoring experiences that have taken her to South Korea and various online and in-person settings over the past three years. Through her love of literature, writing, and the English language, she hopes to inspire students to challenge their preconceived notions of the world. Recognizing the power of diverse viewpoints, Angie strongly believes in the value of learning from others.
    Drawing from her extensive background in scientific, journalistic, creative, analytic, responsive, and persuasive writing, Angie aims to motivate students to read and write with a fresh perspective. Her mission is to motivate them to explore new literary territories and perceive the world from angles they may not have previously considered, fostering a broader and more nuanced worldview.