Mathilde Sauquet

  • Princeton University
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Princeton University
  • Master of Arts in Art and Archaeology
  • University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • Master of Studies in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, History Faculty,
  • Trinity College
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Language and Culture Studies

    Mathilde is an educator, linguist, and art historian, currently a PhD candidate from Princeton University. She received an MA in Art and Archaeology from Princeton as well as an MA in History from the University of Oxford in the UK.  A first-generation college graduate, Mathilde earned her BA in Art History and Modern Languages from Trinity College, CT where she was Valedictorian and a Phi Beta Kappa inductee. She owes most of these accomplishments to the incredible teachers and mentors who have supported her along the way, inspiring her to follow in their footsteps by bringing passion, empathy, and creativity into her classroom. She primarily works on the Middle Ages and the many historical instances in which communities from diverse cultures, religions, and linguistic backgrounds found productive and peaceful ways to co-exist with one another. By looking to the past for inspiration, she helps her students foster a greater understanding of the world in all of its diversity.