Elementary School Years


Each class is 2 hours. Each session is 8 classes (total of 16 hours)

We develop these reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through the study of classical and contemporary great books in their historical contexts. We do so by removing the artificial divide between literature and history. An interdisciplinary approach helps students understand the deeper underpinnings of civilizations, instead of simply memorizing isolated dates and events.

Course Description


Level 5 introduces students to the core motifs of myths, legends, and epic poetry. Students connect these texts to specific moments in ancient civilization, analyzing details of the hero’s journey and the common thread of creation stories across cultures. This level emphasizes:

  • Direct textual evidence in both narrative summary and inferential thinking. Questions challenge students to consider how language conveys meaning: What do you notice about that character? What language did the writer use to convey that idea? And the specific word choice they need to communicate this observation: What language should you use to explain what you see?
  • Discussion progresses to the level of theme, comparing and contrasting elements of story (character, plot, setting, e.t.c.), and how point-of-view influences narration.
  • Writing and grammar instruction includes diagramming sentences, first-level outlining, narrative composition, and organizing sentences and paragraphs to prove a specific argument.
  • Practice using language and story devices for short stories
  • Selected literature and history that intertwine in Ancient Civilization (BC 5000-400 AD)


Small Classes


There is maximum of 6 students per cohort (6:1 student-to-teacher ratio) to ensure personal attention.

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