Elementary School Years


Each class is 2 hours. Each session is 8 classes (total of 16 hours)

We develop these reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through the study of classical and contemporary great books in their historical contexts. We do so by removing the artificial divide between literature and history. An interdisciplinary approach helps students understand the deeper underpinnings of civilizations, instead of simply memorizing isolated dates and events.

Course Description


Through a mix of traditional and contemporary classics that gradually scale up in reading challenge, level 4 emphasizes:

  • Narrative comprehension and inferential thinking needed to identify a main idea, sequence ideas, analyze character and plot, draw conclusions, and reference text to support arguments.
  • Formal knowledge of grammatical concepts to guide ideas development in clear, well-structured sentences and paragraphs featuring a central idea and supporting details.
  • Practice using language and story devices to write short stories
  • Selected literature and history that intertwine in the Modern Era (1850 to 2000).

These foundational skills support higher-level analytical reading and writing in middle and upper grades.


Small Classes


There is maximum of 6 students per cohort (6:1 student-to-teacher ratio) to ensure personal attention.

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